I coach individuals who know they have more to offer the world than what their current life design allows. 

So what's this South Florida gals story? 

It all started with the big question, "Is this really the life I chose?" Anna thought about this question often while making her way through traffic to her corporate 9-6 job. She enjoyed the work and was promoted quickly within the company, but she knew something was missing.  

She knew their was a whole world out there, and within herself,  waiting to be discovered than her current lifestyle would ever allow. 

Without an exit strategy, Anna kept plugging along hoping that being more productive at work would somehow fill the void she was feeling. 


She soon found out the hard way that overworking to drown out the bigger picture is a concoction for burnout! 

Exhaustion consumed her and she was hospitalized for many months. 

She decided to take a year long break and it was during this time where she made a promise to design a life around her work instead of vice-versa.  

She left her corporate cubicle and tuned into her inner wisdom.

Doing the necessary self-work and tapping into her own personal development journey sparked Anna’s interest in psychology. Her quest to learn more about motivation and human potential led her to join the Workforce and Team Development Research Lab at the University of Central Florida where she trained under doctoral candidates and quickly became a senior research intern.





She revisited her story and designed a lifestyle that suited all of her needs.

Empowering others to reach profits through passion and hustle from their heart's true calling is Anna's mission.


She now teaches as a professor of psychology where she creates courses and challenge students on hot-topics.

She also owns a private practice where she coaches clients the art & science of self-mastery and life-style design.

To channel her more creative juices, Anna also teaches as a dance fitness instructor at local gyms. She also loves to write blog posts that set her soul on fire and newsletters that leave lasting impressions.

Her most joy, however; comes from spending time with her family and raising her daughter who is quickly approaching year 2.

Join Anna on her mission to say no to burnout and yes to all the things that set your soul on fire! Because after all, your life is too precious to waste on doing anything but extraordinary.