Why You Need To Be Your Own Hype Man


Did you know that positive self-talk, both internally and externally, can change the structure and shape of your brain? Certain chemical reactions occur causing a release of feel-good hormones when speaking of yourself through a positive lens.

Health Benefits from the Hype

Highlighting yourself will never go out of style. In fact, it actually makes you feel better and is correlated with positive health benefits. According to recent research, just thinking or talking to yourself and others, either positively or negatively, has an effect on all physical structures in our body, not just our mood or emotions. When this happens, feel-good hormones are released in the brain causing an overall pleasing response. You may even notice you have a boost in energy levels shortly after which could be just the push you need to get back into the groove.

You Are Worth the Hype!  

Talk about yourself in the highest form. When talking about your work to others, speak it up. You worked hard, you learned something new, you felt inspired, you networked with someone new, you felt your inner creative come alive. Share this!

Delicate Stage

However, you are not always going to have the motivation to accomplish your goals or feel great about yourself. Even if they are goals that make you so excited just by thinking about them, you will find yourselves depleted some days. This can be a delicate phase for some. Others will take the necessary breaks needed to rejuvenate, while still hyping up their work, and return to the hustle fresh as new.

It’s normal to not be 100% all of the time. What does matter though is how you speak of yourself and even to yourself during these times. The next time you feel defeated, take a deep breath before storming off to share with someone. Re-group and focus on the good that you’ve accomplished through this feat.

It’s Contagious

Also, chances are, you hit a sweet-spot in someone else when hyping yourself up and motivated them to get back on track for their own goals. Spreading positivity through your own hype will cultivate a satisfying environment for all parties. According to researchers at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, positive epidemics actually spread faster than negative ones. So which ones are you spreading?

Once one person spills the beans of their faults, a whole river of faults keeps spewing out by not only the person sharing but the ones they are around. Next thing you know you are both overflowing with imperfections and flaws. Research shows this cycle of sympathy occurs to make the other person feel better

Real Life Example

This semester, I had a student turn in a term paper and he told me aloud that he knew he failed it. He said he is not a good writer and he is not sure if he did it right, even though he said he spent several hours on it and emailed me questions along the way for assistance.

Hold-Up, wait, pause…. Say what now!? You mean to tell me you spent $500+ to sit in a class and spent countless hours working on your paper that’s worth a big portion of your grade to then tell yourself and the one grading your paper that your work is inadequate. Talk about slapping yourself in the face.

Since this was shared loudly with other classmates, I immediately addressed it with all, sharing the topic on non-other than the importance of highlighting yourself, even when you fail. (We will save the failing with confidence topic for another blog post in the near future).

We all fall victim to this though, at one point or another.

Does the following scene sound familiar?

Someone asks how your new workout regimen is going and you know you haven’t been to the gym at all this week. Instead of highlighting the good, you ramble about the amount of time you haven’t spent in the gym and the number of empty calories you recently consumed. You fail to mention the new exercises you cultivated, the burn you felt, and the progress you experienced.

If you were to indulge in the negative outcomes of the question asked, it would leave you feeling useless and uninspired. It’s as if you are gossiping about yourself to someone else while you are still in the room. This is a dangerous trap that is easy to fall victim to.

Instead of throwing more pity parties, let's create more energy inducing environments.

Get back to the hustle through the means of your heart! Speak high. Be your own hype-man!  

Try saying the following examples that apply, the next time you are given the chance!

1. I am hilarious

2. I am a hard-worker

3. I have such a creative point of view

4. I am a good listener

5. My child should be lucky to have such an awesome mother (Yeah, Ariyah!!)

6. I am a fast learner

7. I am blessed to speak multiple languages

8. Dancing is my art

9. I know a lot of information on that topic- I am knowledgeable

10. I am a freakin’ Powerhouse

What are some ways you hype yourself up? Share in the comments below!