4 Things I've Learned as a New Mom


Finding out you’re pregnant in the midst of being considered for a promotion at your corporate job, all while trying to stay afloat through grad-school, sounds like a pretty chaotic combination.

Indeed, it was! The above scenario was my reality almost 2 years ago. Although unplanned, I look at my pregnancy as a sign from God. My daughter saved me from keeping a stress-inducing lifestyle. Leaving my corporate job and putting grad-school on pause was the best decision I've ever made. It forced me to prioritize my life around not just me, but something bigger. It made me tap into my inner wisdom that somehow became silenced through the hustle and bustle of everyday life like work & school.


Fast forward to today and I’m finding out that my story is very similar to many other moms out there that I meet. Panic mode sets in and even though the thought of having a baby brings joy, you still wonder what is going to happen to the identity you once had.

Will you be able to still run a business? Go to school? Hang with friends? Motherhood is a huge life-change that stirs up quite a few emotions during a very hormonal time, to say the least.

With Mother’s Day coming up this month, it is only right to take a closer glance at the monumental moves mothers are making in the world every single day! We often fear change as human beings and although a small amount of fear is good, I’m here to tell you that motherhood should be far from fearful. In fact, it’s one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever encountered so far.

Here are 5 Things I’ve gained as a new mom:


1- Inner-Wisdom:



When you become a mom, you have to make many decisions on a regular basis. You will get opinions from left field that are not always granted. Becoming a mother has taught me how to tap into this gift of inner wisdom and go with the answer that feels right. It has not failed me not a single bit, so I will keep using it. It also gave me the inspiration to start this blog- Hustle From The Heart. The name itself is a reminder to only move forward from a place that makes sense to you. Tap into your heart!

2- Priorities:


My daughter has taught me what truly matters in my life. When you become a parent, you realize your time is so very precious. You only have a small amount of free time so you make the very best use out of the time you have. You no longer have time to put up with mediocre friends or people who do not value your time. It forces you to level up by getting your work done way before the deadline to save time just in case your child is sick or has a sleepless night. For example, today I went to the grocery store with my daughter. We pulled up in the parking lot and I noticed she fell asleep on the way there. I didn’t bring the stroller as she likes to sit in the shopping cart. We turned back around and went home because her napping was far more important than us getting groceries that second. I will try again tonight when Myles gets home.  

3- Creativity:


Watching a child play is so contagious. Ariyah loves when I chase her and play dolls with her. I have to admit that small things like coloring have a huge impact when it comes to opening ourselves up to creativity. Having a child, I can say has boosted my creativity muscle that was once asleep for oh so long. According to recent research, coloring can help you think of new ideas and gain new insights.

4- Empathy:

 I’ve always considered myself to be a giving and compassionate person, but motherhood brings out a whole new side of empathy. After centuries of observing behavioral changes in new mothers, scientists are only recently beginning to definitively link the way a woman acts with the neurological changes that take place during motherhood. Activity increases in regions that control empathy, anxiety, and social interaction. These regions include the prefrontal cortex, parietal lobes, and midbrain. Here I thought it was just hormones running deep. But no! The literal structure of our brain is changed forever through bringing a new life into this world.