What do you get when you conjoin motherhood + ENTREPRENEURSHIP?...

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A Mompreneur/mumpreneur!

What's a mumpreneur anyways?

The term Mumpreneur or Mompreneur (depending on what part of the world you're in), is a fairly new coined term that some are taking on as a lifestyle and form of expression by many women across the globe.

The term is frequently being used these days and is now officially in the Oxford English Dictionary as of 2011. And to think, it wasn't even on Wikipedia a couple of years ago! It was coined to describe the phenomenon of mothers who during or soon after pregnancy, developed an idea based on their circumstances which would lead to a business and the end result would eventually lead to self-employment or the lack of need to return to employment.

The word represents the notion of balancing the role of being a mother and simultaneously being an entrepreneur. The current Collins Dictionary defines Mumprenerur as "a women who combines running a business enterprise with looking after her children".

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There are also additional scenarios that should be looked at when we think of the term mumprenuer, such as a mother who started her business before she had children. Or moms who have always been self employed while raising a family.   

Some may find the word 'Mumpreneur' liberating because becoming a mother gave them motivation and inspired them to do and be more.

Work Life Balance 

As mothers, we are not only caring for our children and managing our homes, but we are also business savvy and are very innovative and creative in doing so. After all, we are raising the next generation of men and women and the leaders of tomorrow all while putting dinner on the table. In order to serve all facets of life, balance is work-life balance is a must! 

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This lifestyle, for me personally, is liberating and is more than just living in alignment. It is also having the ability to enjoy raising children too.  Children are only young for so long and if we spend our days driving off to job, we might miss those magical moments. When your work allows you to be with your children and allows you to live the lifestyle you desire without sacrificing the nurturing role of a mother, that is when I started realizing I am living the dream. We all lead our own lives, so we can only go by with what we stand for.

'Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't, you're probably right'-Henry. T. Ford

The quote above is so profound because it infers that a belief that you have of yourself is true because you believe in it and therefore it holds weight. It's mind over matter. There is power in your thoughts. To all the mothers out there, don't let anyone define who you are.

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