My 4 Favorite Tools as a Digital Content Creator.


With the heavy rise in graphic-creation on social media platforms (such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook) the demand for learning how to create such graphics is also increasing. It’s quite simple, really. I’m by no means an expert at graphic designing. Heck…. No one really is as it’s all subjective.

But, there are a few easy ways of creating beautiful designs online without having to go to school for design & without outsourcing your projects.

I decided to share my top four favorite tools when it comes to designing online. Oh, and as a bonus, all of the tools I mention are free tools (with paid add-on features) …. Think Spotify with the ads


1. Canva


If you’re like me & you enjoy creating your own content to share on social media platforms instead of re-sharing someone else’s motivational quotes & graphics, Canva is your go to site.

 It allows you to create high-quality visual content without having to rely on design. They provide so many templates & all you have to do is drag and drop. It also allows you to upload your images which makes it super helpful if your building your brand & want to include your logo onto your graphics.

Using Canva also helps save time as they have premeasured sizes for all most every graphic you are trying to make. For example, they have premade sizes for Facebook Banners, Email headers, Youtube Thumbnails, Linkedin Banners and more!

You can also download the Canva App and create graphics & designs right on your phone!

The best part is when you hit the download button, they a quote geared towards creatives comes up while your design is loading


2. PicMonkey


Between enhancing the color on your pictures, designing images and creating collages, PicMonkey does it all! This site allows you to add overlays to all images and it also has an array of different fonts you can use.

I also love that Picmonkey has the ability to merge images into one layer.

They also have a bunch of banners and ribbons making any graphic you create look chic

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is a must-have add-on. It’s an all-in-one spellcheck and grammar tool that works everywhere Microsoft Word can’t. So the next time you’re writing a Facebook post and misspell something, just like spell check, it will underline it in red and give you the correction before posting.

It helps users write mistake-free copy on almost anywhere on the web. It will scan your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, including everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement.

It also goes beyond regular checking to provide users for explanations and help them improve their skills.

So if you're writing blog posts or email's, Grammarly has your back! 

4. Pixabay


This site provides royalty free stock photos and videos to its users. It’s simple to use and has a diverse arsenal of photos you can use. By using this site, you are helping the dream stay alive for some creative photographers.

Some of them receive monetary value based on how many downloads they receive. For many others who upload photos, it serves as a hobby. Read what one person who loves taking pictures had to say:

“I don't see the point of just leaving my pictures on a hard drive where they are of no use to anyone. My reward is the knowledge that a fellow member can make use of my efforts. Also, I learn a lot more about my hobby by studying lots of other people's work and gaining ideas on here.”

The images on Pixabay are literally astounding. I use Pixabay to search for images for almost every graphic you’ve seen me create…. Whether it’s an IG post, Newsletters banner, or Blog Image.

Look at  the images that show up by searching in "Love":


Again, these are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble by using someone else’s images like you would if you were to just Google an image and add it to your site.


Happy Creating!