Why Knowing your Core Values is Imperative For a Satisfying Life & Career!

We all have these unconscious sets of truths that guide us throughout our days, weeks, months, years and lives. A set of core values that make us feel aligned, happy, and fulfilled. You may or may not be aware of what your core values are. But if you’ve ever been rubbed the wrong way, then chances are you did not honor your values.

core values

A set of core values are items that you deem important. Some examples may include integrity, family, fun, research, results, space, respect, professionalism, quality time and more.

So why are these so important to be aware of?

Because if you don’t honor them, they could leave you feeling drained and miserable both in work and in life.

For example, if you honor family time and you work for a job who is not family-inclusive, you could feel as though you’re living a double life. Your job may stretch schedules out some night until 7PM – 8PM at night not realizing that you may be missing out on picking your kids up, putting dinner on or hauling to soccer practice. This could leave you missing out on family time and resenting your job, even if you like every other aspect of your work.


Let’s use integrity as another example. If you’re someone who honors integrity, you could feel pretty out of whack if you were told to deceive your clients. I had a friend who worked for a human resource company once and he ended up leaving because the company made him come up with deceiving ways to make a sale. It went against his wheelhouse and ended up making him feel upset with himself. He eventually switched companies and now very much so enjoys his days as he does not feel burned out from going against his wishes.


Not honoring your core values can have you feeling lost, confused and drained. This is why its imperative to understand what your core values are.



By being crystal clear on what honors you, you give others low key instructions on how to treat you. And if you find your core values are not being met, you can decide to leave the situation because you’re aware it does not align.

So write down your core values and let the universe work its magic by revolving around these basic needs. Be clear and voice them often!