Key Elements that Will Super Spark Your Creativity

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Sharpening your creative muscle might not be as hard as you think. Here are some ways to boost your creativity.


Whether you’re a student writing an essay or a manager coming up with a plan or even an artist trying to sketch out your new design, creativity may seem like light years away if you’re under too much stress or pressure. Luckily, there are some ways to boost your creativity muscles.



Write when your first wake up

Research shows that when we first wake up, we have access to our unconscious mind which is the realm of our awareness that fosters the most creativity. When we just wake up, we should have a notebook next to our bed and write whatever comes to mind. Or if you’re an artist, work on your piece of art first thing in the morning, before scrolling on social media or watching TV. When we get right to it in the morning, we are more likely to experience flow as we have not endured any input or external stimuli,yet.

Exercise at least once a day

By exercising at least once a day, we increase our feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. When we get moving, we also tune in to our bodies and allow for ideas to flow to us. I remember coming up with the name of my blog, Hustle from the Heart, and topics around it during a spin class. When we exercise, we allow for our bodies to become more aligned to our mind body and spirit.


Write things down

When we write down ideas or anything that comes to mind, we allow for unconscious thoughts to become conscious. We are also able to come up with new ideas from a flow of initially writing. By keeping a journal or writing thoughts down, it also sharpens our inner narrative and in return, boots our creativity.

Have a brainstorming session

Invite some friends over and have a brainstorming session! By hearing ideas out loud, you’re able to bounce ideas back and forth from each other and grow your creativity simultaneously.

Parking lot ideas while working in flow

While working on a project, make sure to keep your other ideas tabled off to the side in a “parking lot” so the flow of your project can continue.

Read often

Get some new inspiration. By reading often, you will spark your creative juices by hearing new ideas. From fiction to non-fiction and everything in-between, read to ignite your creativity.

Go to conferences or workshops

Do you know that feeling you get when you leave a conference or a workshop and you want to bottle it up for ever because you have so much energy? Well, conference and workshops can also spark our creativity. There have been several testimonials from folks who come up with several business ideas, book ideas, and other ideas after leaving conferences.

Work outdoors

Getting a little fresh air helps boost creativity. The next time your looking for inspiration, try going outdoors with a notebook.

Create space for creativity to enter

Creativity needs space. Ideas do not flow through when there are deadlines, pressure or burn out. Create space for you to have time. Get more sleep, wake up earlier, and carve out space for inspiration to flow through you. Take breaks when needed and don’t put too much stress on financials around your creativity or else it may become too stressful and creativity will leave you.