Are You Writing the Same Goal Down Twice?


It’s that time of year again when we’re given a blank slate and fresh start. You may be feeling excited about the new year and hopeful for the promises that await you.  Or, you may be feeling reluctant of the next 12 months as it reminds you that another 365 days has come and gone without giving you a single chance to complete your goals. 

If Writing Down the Same Goal Two Years in a Row Makes you Cringe, Try These 3 Steps to Knock Your Goals Out of the Park.

1. Look at the Bigger Picture

There’s probably a hidden reason as to why your goal was put on the back burner. Re-write the goal down and picture yourself going to work at it.

 Let’s use learning French for an example. Taking the time to understand a new language is challenging. You would need to carve out several hours into reading, writing, and practicing.


Can you picture yourself doing this? Language development also relies heavily upon repetition. Are you going to be able to be consistent? It’s also an investment. Does hiring a language coach, buying books, and/or resources make you feel abundant and full?


You may find yourself not truly wanting the desired goal after taking the time to fully consider the demands of such a goal. And that’s okay!

 Letting go of a once desired goal does not mean you lost. In a way, it allows you to win. It no longer has control over you and it provided you the opportunity to reflect on it and release it.

Like the great Arianna Huffington explains in her book, Thrive, the best way to mark off something on your To-Do list is by realizing you no longer have the desire to get it done.

to do lists.JPG

Mark it off anyway. Free up more space to spend time tackling a challenge that truly makes sense for you.

2. Layer your Goals  

If you’re coming across 2019 with the same goal you wrote down in 2018, chances are the goal is complex. It’s critical that you get specific with your goals. It’s even more imperative to layer your goals. For instance, if one of your goals was to write a book for 2018, yet you’ve never written a book before, this is going to require an extensive amount of layering on your part. First step, figure out what the layers are going to entail:

Layer 1: Brainstorming your book topics

Layer 2: Create an outline

Layer 3: Get to writing

Layer 4: Seek assistance

Layer 5: Write some more

Layer 6: Brainstorm a title

Layer 7: Create a proposal

Layer 8: Pitch your proposal


And the list goes on. Depending on the complexity of your goal, you will find that some goals will require more than a 12-month period. Phase out your long-term goals with layers.

For writing a book then, your 2019 goal may be to have your first draft in hand. Your 2020 goal may then be to have your published copy of your book in hand.

Whatever your desires are, know that you are worthy of achieving them. But make sure you set yourself up with the proper techniques to at least give your dreams a chance.

3. Get Focused


How many goals do you set out to achieve in a given year? Do you go with Gretchin Rubin’s approach laid out in the happiness project and focus on 1 goal per month? Or does Rachel Hollis’ one goal per year make more sense to you? Depending on the scope your goals and the flexibility of your life schedule to devote to achieving such goals will help you out.

I like to take an atheoretical approach and mix both strategies together.

Go ahead and look at your list. If there’s more than 12, narrow it down. . Now reorganize these 12 based on priority/ preference with your most desired goal at the top of the list.

Circle this goal and on the back of this sheet of paper, come up with 11 different ways to fulfill this goal using like qualities of the other goals you had written down. Try to align them without spreading yourself too thin.

Think of it like playing the game of Monopoly. If you own North Carolina Avenue (green) and Pennsylvania Avenue (green)…. Are you going to focus on purchasing Virgina Ave(pink) or Pacific Ave (green)?


Our goals are the same way. If we scatter out in different arenas, we may never see the rewards of our hard efforts. But if we narrow the focus and aim for the same spot over and over again, we will hit our target and then some!

 What is one goal you are striving for? Share in the comments below