Can Your Social Settings Block you from Goal Obtainment?

work environment

Heck yeah! Environments, whether we realize it or not, play such an important part of our make-up.

Let’s break things up first. When we’re talking “environments”, we’re talking friends/family, work-culture, living space, and work stations. [We are not talking socio-economic status].

When we get to work on our goals, it is imperative that we check out our environments to ensure they are helping us and not hindering us.

Changing behavior is hard enough. Sticking to goals can feel impossible if other areas of our life are out of whack. So, let’s do a scan of our environments, because the last thing we want is to have our focus de-railed when we are hard at work.



Like Tim Ferris says, “You are the average of the five people you associate with the most.” 

Take a second and think about the 5 people who you hang around the most? Are they organized, punctual, empathetic, humble? Or are they messy, pessimistic, impatient and reckless?

Our unconscious mind absorbs behaviors from whom we spend the most time with and in turn, it rubs off on us.

It does not mean you’re going to go from being the most punctual person to then turn into a person whose habitually late. But you will find yourself tempted to not be as strict with yourself because it’s what you’re around.

Just because a friend in your inner-circle posses a quality you do not honor does not mean you shouldn’t be friends. Love them from affair. Check in on them often. But be cautious with the energy and habits you immerse yourself around physically.


When I was living back at home with my immediate family, my brother decided to start changing his eating habits and workout patterns. I had no intentions of changing mine.

However, after constantly seeing my brother make better food choices and was constantly working out, I noticed I second guessed myself when I was eating poorly. I ended up joining him and revamped my whole diet and exercise regimen.

Like friends, when you’re around certain behaviors from family members, it will rub off on you.

What happens when a family member has a trait you don’t like, but you can’t just stop living with them?

Control only what you can control. Don’t lose your cool trying to change their behavior. Instead focus on setting boundaries for yourself. You may also consider having a chat with them.


Associating with a negative person or putting yourself in a negative environment can be the biggest (bad) influencer in your life. No matter how positive you are, a negative person or environment can rub off on you until your mind unintentionally resorts to negative thoughts before positive ones.