Be a good FriendFluence!


While alone time is a pivotal step for fostering creativity and inspiration, spending time with friends and family is just as important (for introverts too!).

A nurse who spent several years working in palliative care has recorded the most common regrets of the dying, and among the top ones is 'I wish I had spent more time with my friends’.

Text-Book Teachings

Last semester, while teaching Human Growth and Development at my local state college, a common theme that was spread throughout our text-book (Exploring Life-Span Development) was the importance of friendships at every age in life. A student asked me “So, if spending time with friends as adults is a key component to our health, then why is this information not being spread and implemented like wild-fire”?

My response to my dear student- Responsibilities! Hashtag- #Adulting

Society Teachings

Our society in Western cultures highlights the importance that friendships have on our children and adolescence as we all know this provides essential developmental and social rearing factors. But why does our society not teach what research is showing us- spending time with friends as adults are pivotal to our overall health?

No doubt it is harder as an adult to make time for friends with work, kids, bills, and keeping up with the house to name a few excuses.

 Have you tried scheduling plans with a friend lately just to realize it will never work because your schedules are so conflicting with the demands that your new worlds are asking of you? I know I’ve been there (Daniel, if you’re reading this… we still need to re-schedule our coffee-power-hour when you’re back from Cali dude!- lol)

Research also shows us that spending time with your friends can help melt away the cares of the world, and leave you a better person all around.

Time spent with friends and family also plays a huge part in our overall happiness –even more so than an increased income!


Create time to spend with your friends by scheduling it in. Don’t take no for an answer, because pretty soon the time will elapse, you will both still have opposite schedules and next thing you know years go by and gaps become present. To make it easier, find common goals you both might have, and spend your time together working on reaching those goals. Whether it be fitness goals or writing goals- partake in an activity that you can bond and launch you forward!


Schedule times where all of your family can hang out for fun. Put down your phones and computers and just hang out! By a new board game or try going to the beach. Whatever it is, it needs to be mandatory so life does not invade on these precious moments.

 Because after all, life should be a collection of moments spent with the ones we love best.