Who Are You Really?... How You Answer This One Question Can Change Your Whole Life!

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Imagine being at a networking conference and there is only 1 rule that is strongly enforced: Do not mention what you do for a living!

What would you say? What would you talk about? With whom would you find yourself connecting with?

With this rule enforced some people may say, “well throw the whole conference away!”

The point is, we throw around the question “What do you do?” way too often! We tag labels onto our identity based on our professions as if they make up our whole identity.

1. Remove the labels

Hi, I’m Anna and I am a teacher, mother, and yoga-warrior. These are all pretty awesome roles- if I do say so myself (Jay-Z voice)! But who am I if I strip myself of these titles?

When we take away our roles and labels, we are giving ourselves wiggle-room and permission to be free. We are silencing the social-norms or unwritten rules about how to behave that come with our roles.

2. Who are you without titles! And go!..... (**Pull out a sheet of paper and give it a shot**)

Well….. I love all things colorful. I bust out into random dance moves when I’m excited. Helping others out is in my DNA. Stretching and honoring my body makes me perform at an optimal level. I like adding flavorful song lyrics when I teach to break up the seriousness of the content being learned. And when my daughter laughs, my whole world stops for a few seconds.

When you get real with what really makes you YOU, everything becomes crystal clear. You will have a true sense of self and will be able to push past the stigmas that sometimes get tagged on to professions and titles.

3. Create a bulletproof sense of self

People will tell you things about who you are and will preach about #Allthethings someone in your profession should and should not be. If you’re not careful, you will believe them. Stay true to you. If you are a teacher, but also like twerking out in hip-hop fitness classes, so what? You need to hold tight to your values and integrity.  Chances are, you are also a multi-passionate individual. We all are. So make sure you are not killing off one part of you by affiliating solely with a position you hold. Instead, let all the parts of you make you do your best work yet. This again can only be done if you create a bulletproof sense of self. If not you give others the trigger to kill your dreams and identity.

4. What are your core values

When our decisions are formed based on our core values and beliefs, we are able to operate at full function. You can make decisions in an instant when your voice and identity are aligned. Write them out and have them in a place where you can view them often.

The time will come one day where you will be put in situations that will test your core values! When you have a true sense of self and your identity, you will walk away from any decision with a smile on your face. Knowing ourselves better allows us to live more fulfilling and successful lives.

Here are my personal 5 core values:






Everything I do and any decision I make stems from these guys! What are your core values?