Why Journaling for 20 Minutes a Day Could Change Your Life + 15 Free Writing Prompts


Seven years ago, journaling fell into my lap by accident.

When I first started journaling, it was more of a note-book that turned into a daily to-do list/ notes to self/ reflection.

But this same note-book, where I stored important daily notices, ended up coming with me to more than just school & work. I started writing in this same note-book before bed and would often jot down how my day unfolded. It soon became the storage place where I wrote about my goals, my troubles, my frustrations, my hopes and dreams.

Nowadays, writing down my thoughts is my favorite way to start the day. I didn’t realize how much of an impact writing would have on me back then, but when I read entries from a few years back, it empowers me to look back immensely on my own journey.


Let’s Turn to the Greats


When we look at artists, writers, scientists, and other celebrated minds, one of the daily routines these folks have in common included keeping a journal and a daily writing practice. Modern day celebrities such as Lady GaGa, Emma Watson and Timothy Ferriss have reported a significant importance behind keeping a journal.

We must also turn to history and celebrate the brilliant minds who paved new ways in which we think and do life. All of these greats reported having documented their thoughts which then turned into their life’s work: Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, FridaKahlo, Leonardo Divinvi, and Mark Twain.

Journaling Helps With:



Keeping to a daily writing practice will increase your neural connectivity alleviating functional fixedness and will help change the way we currently see things.

Alleviate Unwanted Tension

stress free

The act of writing is literally forcing energy from your unconscious and subconscious mind and forcing it to be seen in the conscious state. It may take weeks, months, or years to see your unconscious patterns on paper, but none the less, they are being revealed through writing. This act alleviates anxiety and tension that is built up. It’s also associated with boosting mood as serotonin and endorphins are released through writing if done right.

Helps Manifest Goals


Just the simple act of writing your goals out has the power to make them become a reality. When you bring unconscious energy to the forefront and you bring your focus to such energy, you are training your actions to surround your goal. You may not realize this at first, but you are catapulting your goal into reality by bringing it to the physical realm.

Helps you Make Rational Decisions

 When you write down your thoughts, you are essentially de-cluttering your neural connectivity and making a clear representation out of the “mess”. As a result, you become more aligned and confident in all decisions and actions.



Want a jump start on your journaling practice? I’ve created a free guide that has 20 writing prompts that are great for anyone looking to start journaling!