The single fix to perform your best, feel energized and have more time for fun every single day

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The word routine may make some people cringe at the sound of it because people generally think of routines as restrictions, no-fun, or something boring. But on the flip-side, routines actually help us perform our best, reduce stress, and even make us have more time! Now that I can get on board with!

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Even if our whole-day is not planned and formed into a routine, we need some form of structure that unconditionally tells us what we should be doing before we come across the task at hand. Setting routines for the first 15 minutes of your day and the last 15 minutes before bed will actually set your circadian rhythm and your body will feel physically more energized.

 Children versus Adults

When we were children, we had more structure such as when we went to bed, when we woke up, what time we took a bath and when we ate. But as adults, we forget how important it is to synch ourselves up to perform and feel our best. Without routines, many people feel like they are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and falling short of their goals and true potential. 

According to a self-change researcher, Ian Newby-Clark, “when we are doing something that is habitual, we are not engaged in the task in the same way as when we are doing something that is not habitual.” Our neural connectivity is completely different! How crazy is that! Think about that for a sec. Now think of the last time you woke up in the middle of the night needing to walk to the bathroom, not being able to see where different objects were or where they were in perception to you because it’s too dark. You probably were still able to maneuver around just fine because you’ve done it so many times. Now imagine doing the same task for the first time at a friend’s house where you have no idea where things are in relation to you. Because you are out of your routine the simple task took twice as much time.

Here are some more reasons why you should adopt a routine, like yesterday!

Routines help you to:

1. Perform at Optimal Level

If you went into work every day without a daily routine of what you are supposed to be working on – it may be fun- but over time, it will become chaotic and confusing because nothing will get done and you’ll go crazy. We need some type of order, system, or cadence in order for things to run smoothly so our brains do not need to waste energy and attention focusing on the what’s next aspect, but rather spend energy where it needs to in the creative and productive realms. A daily routine helps to eliminate the guesswork and stress from even the busiest of days. You'll feel much more at peace and relaxed knowing where you need to be, and when.

2. Reduce Stress

When we design and stick to a routine, it takes away much stress because we no longer have to spend precious time thinking and worrying about what needs to get done. The simple act of doing through the means of a routine gives us a sense of control and helps us relax instead of freaking out.

3. Remain Focused

Having a routine makes it easier for us to stay focused because we know we are taking action to pull us closer to finishing our goals. Without that activity of small daily tasks through a routine, it is hard to complete the goal in its entirety because we have not allowed ourselves to stay focus and build the necessary momentum through daily routines. Without routines, it is easy to get side-tract and fall, of course, hence causing more stress and anxiety.

4. Helps Break Bad Habits

When a task becomes habitual and we do not need to think about it as much, it helps us to break bad habits. I have a really bad habit, for example, of checking my phone every time it goes off. It’s distracting and pulls me out of my zone or flow-mode when I’m working on a project, such as this exact blog post right now! By sticking with your routine, it will help you reduce your bad habits and help you incorporate good ones. I am glad to share that I stop checking my phone every time it buzzes, beeps and lights up now and have turned off several notification features to help me stick with my routines- such as sending blog posts out into the world every Tuesday 😊 – yay yay!

5. Have More Time Left Over for Fun

And finally, although you may shriek at the thought of starting a routine, you need to know that in-turn you will actually feel more energized and will save so much time from sticking with routines that you will have more time left over for fun!

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What are some routines you want to infuse in your day to day "hustle & bustle" to help regain your spark? Let's have a discussion in the comments section below :) 

XO Anna