Self-Care Hustler

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Taking the necessary time out to just have fun and do the things you enjoy doing could pay huge dividends in the long run. Recent research shows that taking the time to provide for your Self-Care needs improves not only your psychological well-being but also your physiological health.

Quantitative versus Qualitative

In a recent Podcast interview led by Thrive Global, Mark Cuban, an investor on ABCs hit show Shark Tank, mentioned that he wants to start changing the way he asks questions on the show. Mark says he realizes asking pertinent quantitative questions regarding business ended figures are important, but it should not be the end-all-be-all when making a deal. He mentions how important it is for any individual running a business to know when to stop and take time for themselves. When a potential client wanting to make a deal knows how to run numbers and also can give examples of how they live a qualitative lifestyle, that is when I’ll strike a deal Mark urged.

Why make it complicated?

There is no denying the benefits a few simple acts of self-care can bring. Being able to unwind and get lost in what makes our hearts full is what life is all about. So then why do we complicate things? Why are we not prioritizing our self-care needs? The rise of high productivity translating to one’s own self-worth is on the rise.

Self-care should not be something we go through because we are sickly burned out and absolutely exhausted that we need some freeing from our own relentless work-acholic tendencies. It should be second nature.


It can be easy to skip out on a much-wanted yoga class compared to telling a boss nono to a boss who asks you for extra help. We cancel on ourselves, but fear to let down others. Boundaries between employees and managers seem to become thinner and thinner as the rise of productivity filled lifestyles is at an all-time high in Western-cultures. It is becoming the norm for managers to ask more and more of their employees even outside of work hours. This is why setting boundaries and taking your self-care needs seriously are extremely important.

Even if it is not a manager getting under your skin, you must be cautious of anyone who starts invading your personal time such as a co-worker, friend, family member or even yourself. Setting boundaries for yourself in order to take the necessary breaks to do the things you love is your secret weapon. Don’t be afraid to use it!

New Parent?

Many parents are overworked and exhausted. In fact, a recent study showed that moms work an average of 98 hours per week! Parents also survive with minimal free time. The average mom gets only 17 minutes of free time to herself each day. Another surprising source of parents' weariness is feeling out-of-sorts or lonely due to complex changes in relationships with friends, partners, or family. Research suggests that loneliness - not just overwork - contributes to a feeling of burnout

Self-Care Examples

-Read a book

-Take a bath

-Go for a walk

Get a message

-Try a new lunch spot

-Go to the beach

-Tan by the pool

Everybody Wins

Your mind and body will thank you later. Your boss, or whoever is trying to walk over your boundaries, will probably even thank you later since you will be a happier and more refreshed version of yourself which enables you to create your best work.

Everybody wins by you spending the necessary time on yourself for yourself and by yourself!

So the next time someone thinks that self-care is selfish, they should think again!