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The book that helped me harness my creative juices!

If you’re familiar with my work, you know creativity is a topic I’m ecstatic about! But, I wasn’t always aware or conscious of it’s powers. I owe my creative journey to the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert. After I picked up this book, I’ve learned how to harness my creative juices…Between creating a blog, becoming a dance fitness instructor and creating engaging lesson plans in the formal classroom …. the possibilities are endless!

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What Does "Finding Your Voice" Really Mean? And Why is it So Important?

Are you operating from a place of hell-yes, or are you going through life uncertain of your moves? Live a heck-yes kind of lifestyle! Be certain with everything you do. Find out how to become more in-tune with your inner-voice and see why this is instrumental! 

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Is the Mess Causing You Stress?

Is your work station draining your soul? Studies have shown that our workspace plays a huge part on mood, productivity levels, and even our creative juices.

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