Is your Unconscious Mind Getting in the Way of Goal Completion?

Is your unconscious mind getting in the way of goal completion?


It’s the beginning of March and you can’t seem to figure out why you’ve skipped out on your morning run that you’ve promised yourself you’d stick with just a few weeks prior. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Changing behaviors is no easy walk in the park – pun intended.

Deciding to wake up at 5AM to start your day every morning instead of rolling out of bed around 10AM is going to require some deep commitment far beyond the scope of your conscious decision making.

It may have excited you to write your goal on paper when you were fully cognizant and in a conscious state of mind. You may have even told yourself that you realize it’s going to get tough, but you’re in it to win it.

Why, then, is it so difficult to change behavior patterns when we are amidst going through with the plans we’ve made for ourselves?


At the most basic level, our brains like comfort, patterns, and routines. The unconscious brain is going to do everything in its power to go with what it knows. In fact, we thrive with routines! And when change occurs, it causes discomfort, alerts the brain and takes a ton of extra brain fuel to implement such desired change.

Knowing this before diving in to your action plan will help you prepare for when the going gets tough! Because my friend, it will get tough.


It’s important then to understand the levels of awareness within our brains make-up:



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The conscious mind uses our full awareness and understanding of something. If we have tapped into the conscious level of our minds, then we have a deep understanding of what’s presented before us.

For example: You may have a goal in mind to write 1 blog post per week for the entire year, which requires an end result of 52 blog posts. At the conscious level, you know what you want, how you’re going to get it and have weight out the good and bad that comes with your road mapping.


Although we think that we’re in control and conscious most of the time, the conscious level of awareness is in fact the smallest make-up of our awareness.

Think about that for a sec….

The human brain’s level of conscious thinking is only a small fraction of what is actually going on up there. That means that even though we think we are aware of the decision’s we’re making, and we think we are sensible with the actions we take…. The truth is…. Most of our thought process and functioning is ruled by factors we aren’t capable of understanding.



Hopefully I haven’t lost you yet. This stuff is like inception. When you think about it too much, it’s like your thoughts have thoughts that are thinking about their thoughts because of those thought’s thoughts.


Now that you’re back, the pre-conscious is exactly as it sounds. It’s somewhat aware, but yet there are also factors such as desires, wants, frustrations and anxieties that are tucked in-between this layer that we, as part of having a human brain, can’t seem to quite understand.

It’s the level of awareness that you can write down, talk about, connect the dots and explain, but there are still some pieces that won’t meet the eye.

From the previous example with 52 blog posts: Why can you not sit your but to chair, get pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and write out the posts? What is stopping you? You know what the goal is. You’ve broken it down. But when you actually take the time to sit down and get it done (with no distractions), you don’t do them.

This demonstrates that at one level, you’re conscious of the goal or the issue, but you still can’t fully grasp the in-between factors causing the in-completion.



“AKA the deep obis”. Think of the unconscious mind as the level where memories, past hurts, anxieties, likes, wants, feelings are stored. This is the level where we can’t bring them to surface, even with retrieval cues.

Maybe in the fourth grade, someone told you that your writing kind of sucks. Harsh! Right? Hmm. Fourth grade…. Maybe that writing assignment was irrelevant, and you don’t even really remember the incident even though it happened.

Your unconscious brain stores information, without our recitation, and behaves accordingly.

You may all of a sudden come across writers block, not because you ran out of ideas or that you’re tired, but it could be because your unconscious mind is bringing up past “drama” that you have no understanding of.

To say the least, be cognizant that our unconscious brain is where most of our actions come from.

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