Are you ready to get focused & take your life to the next level?


Do you ever think to yourself that you have hidden talents & passions just dying to come out?

Are you yearning for a feel creative, alive and fired up?

Do you crave to live a life on your own terms & are ready to commit to the necessary inner-work to make it happen?


Are you a high performer who gets stuck in the muddy-middle and are ready to blossom to your full capacity?


Then I'm Your Coach!


Hey I'm Anna. An award-winning life coach ready to take you to the next level! Facilitating growth & witnessing human potential is what I was called on this earth for.

what Is This award winning coaching program all about?

It’s a 6-part creative research-based system for discovering your strengths + areas of opportunity in order to align with your purpose to reach optimal performance in ALL aspects of your life.

Learn how to……


Who is this coaching for?

This coaching program is for you if…

  • You’re ready to discover your limiting beliefs & patterns that are stopping you from reaching your highest potential?

  • Recently feel lost or uncertain of how to make your goals come to reality?

  • Want to take a deeper dive to discover your learning style, strengths and passions + learn key ways to align your life with all aspects of you!

  • Are craving for more energy and bliss

  • You’re ready to commit, create the space for growth and put in the work

What does it entail?

6 weeks of one on one personalized sessions with Anna for a total of 6 coaching hours/calls. The program includes discovery assignments, tests, check-ins and accountability systems.

Week 1. Strengths: Learn your top strengths by partaking in research-based tests, discovery assignments, and self- analysis

Week 2. Learning Style: Understand your key learning style and how to make adjustments to align with your style

Week 3. Wellness Plan: Train your subconscious mind to alert you when red flags arise. Learn how to create a phenomenal science-based wellness plan

Week 4. Abundance Mindset: Opportunities await all around us. Discover how to adjust your focus to see opportunities all around you. Learn how to utilize the most out of the tools and resources designed just for you.

Week 5. Goal Fulfillment: Come up with a step by step strategy to tackle your main goal.

Week 6. Confidence Booster: When you know who you are, what you were put on this earth for and how to make it happen, the game changes! Leave this coaching program feeling aligned, confident and inspired to take on the challenge of seeking your north star!

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