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I coach individuals who know they have more to offer the world than what their current life design allows. 

So what's this South Florida gals story? 

Anna Gallagher is a visionary who transforms an instrumental amount of lives. She is a trained I/O Psychologist and an award-winning life coach who believes all individuals are uniquely crafted with a divine set of gifts and stories to share with the world.

It is her mission to bring out the very best qualities in others through a creative approach. Her coaching mantra is: Hustle from the Heart.

Her interest in human potential and self-mastery first stemmed from her own unique story.


Anna went from having rough teenage years & performing poorly in high-school to then graduating top of her class with honors at Palm Beach State College. Her tenacity and grit to rise above is what led Anna to take on several leadership roles including President of Phi Beta Lambda where she also served on the district board for the state of Florida.

She discovered her knack for leadership and won several scholarships including the National Association for Campus Activities Student Leader award in 2011.

Her journey of excellence continued on to the University of Central Florida where Anna received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She became intrigued with research and worked alongside top doctoral candidates in the Workforce and Team Development Research Lab.

Her keen eye for details and love for learning about human behavior made Anna quickly become the senior research intern where her research focused on leadership, motivation, team-dynamics, and human potential.

She served as the Vice President of the Psychological Society where she co-hosted the first psychology conference that was rated as the #1 resource for psychology students in the Orlando community.

She currently holds a Master’s of Science in Psychology with a specialization in industrial organization with a minor in statistics.

After college, Anna made her way to the corporate world where she worked for a fortune 500 education company. She coached academic advisers’ key tools to excel in their roles.


Through Hustle from the Heart, Anna offers one on one coaching, public speaking services, workshops, and resources. She also has returned to Palm Beach State College where she teaches part-time as a professor of psychology.

Anna is now also a mother to her two-year-old daughter and finds much creativity and joy through the journey of motherhood.  

She is living proof that you can take a risk to seek out your wildest dreams if you take the time to invest in what your heart and soul are trying to tell you.


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